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“A discovery in science is not accomplished in any logical way; it only takes on logical form afterward in the course of exposition. A discovery even the very smallest is always an insight to a solution that comes from outside as unexpectedly as someone had whispered it in your ear.”


Albert Einstein


Our Story

E.biodye stems from the textile industry’s impactful dyeing and finishing processes, which use surfactants, salts, heavy metals, enzymes, oxidizing, and reducing agents which are then expelled into rivers and waterways. Under this premise, E.biodye was created by researcher, bioinnovator, and sustainable fashion designer Carolina Obregón with an MA in sustainable design from Aalto University, and professor Giovanna Danies, biologist and microbiologist with a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Cornell University with microbiologist Diego Hernández Bogotá, Colombia. The biopigment was obtained by modifying bacteria creating a wide range of colors. E.biodye does not use harmful chemicals, making it a unique, eco-friendly, biodegradable textile pigment.

Meet the Team

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