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ONE bacterial strain creating a WORLD of colors. E.biodye changes how the fashion ecosystem produces and applies dyes from a linear production model to a systemic, circular, and ecological process. We can create a variety of sustainable, biodegradable colors that can be applied to natural and poly-blend textiles.


Shocking Pink

Nature's code can be used in synthetic biology to develop textile dyes by leveraging the knowledge of how natural systems produce and interact with color molecules.


Synthetic biology techniques can be used to modify the properties of these dyes to improve their performance, such as their wash fastness, light fastness, and color retention. This approach creates new, sustainable sources of textile dyes that are less harmful to the environment than traditional synthetic dyes.



E.biodye is not just another player in the sustainable dyeing market. With its unique biotechnology and commitment to innovation, we continue to refine and develop its technology; it sets a new standard for environmental responsibility and redefines the sustainable dyeing marketplace.

Sheel Green

Through genetic engineering, we produce a wide range of colors without using chemical PAHs and heavy metals. To minimize water consumption, we have implemented an efficient water recycling system in the E.biodye production process.



E.biodye has functionality such as visual enhancement, biotech performance, antibacterial protection, sensory engagement, fragrance possibilities, and environmental interaction.

Collaboration with Converse

Renew Labs Converse_edited.jpg
Converse 1.png
Converse 3.png by amplifying the genes in bacteria, glow in the dark Converse!

Features & Benefits

E.biodye has a low carbon footprint and naturally glows in the dark.

A biodesign by a multidisciplinary team between design and biology, guided by a systemic and circular thinking approach.

It’s obtained from bacteria that are regenerative in nature, transforming carbohydrates into pigments.

Its thermostability maintains its properties at high and low temperatures

Works with cotton, blends, and synthetics.

Water is recycled during its production.

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